When to Visit an Emergency Dentist to Save a Tooth

Emergency Dentist Los Angeles, CA

In certain situations, an emergency dentist can come to your rescue. Not every urgent dental matter requires a visit to this dentist. You can sometimes wait until the following morning or even your next appointment with the general dentist to treat your needs. But it is good to know what conditions are emergencies and when you should get help. Not going to the right place can have disastrous results.

Problems that lead to tooth loss or damaged teeth

Losing a tooth or suffering severe damage to a tooth can have cosmetic and health implications. Fractures, chips, and cracks can also invite decay and infections. These can lead to tooth loss and even bone loss. Often, trauma is the biggest cause of tooth loss or damage. Biting into a hard object can have this effect. A blow to the face in an accident or during a sporting event can also injure teeth.

An emergency dentist may also treat people whose teeth are decaying because of poor oral hygiene. A person should brush at least twice a day and floss daily. When this does not happen, teeth can deteriorate and become brittle. Not seeing the dentist regularly can also make a person more prone to losing or damaging teeth.

Extreme pain

Most people have had a toothache at one time or another. Much of the time, the pain will subside eventually. However, if a person has agonizing pain that gets more intense, it is time to see an emergency dentist. Also, if there is no relief or if the pain keeps the person up at night, emergency help is necessary. These are signs that the person has a deep cavity and needs a root canal. It could also mean that there is an infection.

When the tooth breaks

A full break of a tooth requires a trip to the emergency dentist. The dentist can save the tooth with a few different treatments. A crown is usually the first option. It can restore the function of the tooth and prevent further damage. It can also stabilize the tooth and keep what structure is left after the fracture. A broken tooth can be painful and hampers a person’s smile.

When the tooth falls out

A knocked-out tooth can be embarrassing, but it has consequences beyond aesthetics. A person who loses a tooth should make an appointment with an emergency dentist. The dentist may be able to save the tooth by placing it back in the socket and splinting it to an adjacent tooth. If the dentist cannot salvage the tooth, a replacement treatment such as an implant or a bridge will be the right solution.

Know when to go to the emergency dentist

You hope to never need to go to the emergency dentist’s office. But it is nice to know that this service is available during a time of need. If you are on the verge of losing a tooth, or if one has fallen out, you need immediate attention. Find an emergency dentist near you so you can find relief.

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